New album

The new album Raise Your Glasses will be released on the 25th of March.


1 Scandinavian Girl 3:54
2 I Love My Chiminea 2:47
3 Love Letter From The War 3:17
4 Larry 2:43
5 When Caroline Cries 3:52
6 Raise Your Glasses 2:22
7 The Best Nanny 4:13
8 Don’t Remember The Lyrics 3:08
9 We Are Not Perfect 3:02
10 Let’s See What I Have In My Cupboard 4:23

Produced by Stuart Epps.

A teaser

New single in May 2021

New single «Scandinavian Girl» was released May 21.
You can order the single from Peter Wave here.
New power ballad from Peter Wave

Listen to the song:

«The second single When Caroline Cries is a power ballad taken from the coming album.»

A teaser

Listen to the song:

«The new single We don’t remember the lyrics is a sing-along friendly pop/rock track and is a taster from the coming album to be released later in the year.»



Peter Wave is the Norwegian rock artist aka Petter Wavold.

Petter Wavold has had numerous top spots on the hit lists in his career. So far he has released 11 albums, of those seven studio albums, two “Best Of” and two live albums. He has also released many singles, tunes ranging from hard rock to beautiful ballades with Norwegian texts.

Petter started his career in the late 70’s. Already then his band and him became household names with several appearances under their belt on the very popular youth program “Halv sju”. Having been a member of many rock bands and cover bands in the 80’s his solo career reached new heights in the early 90’s when he released “Æ længte hjæm”. This song became more or less the “National Anthem” of his hometown Trondheim and is still as popular as ever. It was performed live on NRK TV on the 17th May 2015 in London where the Norwegian Constitution Day Celebrations took place.

The artist name Peter Wave was first used when his band Army launched their single “Waiting Around” in 1983. Peter Wave is now back and has worked on an album in a recording studio with the legendary record producer Stuart Epps who has previously worked with artists like Sir Elton John, George Harrison, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Bill Wyman, Twisted Sister and Chris Rea, to mention a few.

The new single is the second teaser, a friendly power ballad from the coming album to be released later this year. So prepare yourself to embrace Norwegian/British sing-along at its best with Peter Wave!

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